12 Step Recovery Program

Article provided by: Zion Recovery Center

Fighting addiction can drain a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual energy fast, soon leading to feelings of desperation and hopelessness. We invite you to Pacific Hills Treatment Centers to join our 12-Step recovery program and regain your freedom today.

What is the purpose of a 12-Step program?

The 12-Step program promotes spiritual redemption as a critical step towards saving yourself from addiction. During the program, you will learn to accept your faults and accept to move past them by surrendering yourself to a higher power. It is a system that relies on personal responsibility, hope, faith, and determination to support people’s spiritual and emotional growth.

The 12-Step program also focuses on the meaningful interactions between the participants. Other people experience the same problems you do, and sharing both the pain and the joy of recovery with others will significantly improve your confidence and self-esteem. Through this program, we promote unity, honesty, and friendship, three things that will help you discover your place in the world and unveil your life’s true meaning.

The spiritual principles of the 12-Step program

The 12 core principles of the program will walk you through a multitude of emotions and life philosophies, which include values like honesty, truth, commitment, confidence, humility, etc. The program will define your relationship with the Higher Power guiding you in life, allowing you to see and understand its influence. During the program, you will achieve a better understanding of your true nature, unfolding before your eyes as you climb the 12-step ladder.

A 12-Step recovery program is a group-based form of treatment, promoting unity and brotherhood. You will interact with people in the same situation as you, empathize with their cause, and exchange emotional and spiritual support with them. Long-term, the system will help you grow and mature as you acquire improved moral and spiritual values.

How to defeat addiction?

When struggling with substance addiction, several steps will ensure the success of your recovery:

Acknowledge the problem – You accept the disorder, admit that you are powerless, and decide to enter the rehab.

Commitment – You will not back down, no matter how challenging it might be; if you do, you will fail yourself, your family, along with everyone you love and respect.

Contact a high-end rehab facility – Contacting us immediately for screening, treatment, and rehab services is paramount for fast and long-lasting sobriety.

Transform and evolve – Adopting a newly improved lifestyle for the long haul, including nutrition, workout, hobbies, career, etc.

All these strategies will give you the upper hand when fighting with something as dangerous as substance addiction. You will be able to rebuild your life and embrace sobriety not as a win, but as a lifestyle. If you are a person of faith, our 12-Step recovery program will do wonders in your life. If you're not, you owe it to yourself to give it a chance. You are the child of God just as anyone else.

Pacific Hills Treatment Centers offers excellent rehab programs and aftercare services, which will change your life forever. Don’t miss your chance for a brighter future!

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