Same Day Crowns Visalia

Same Day Crowns Visalia

Are you on a long waiting list for a crown? If so, you may experience frustration on a daily basis waiting for your dentist to fit you in for an appointment. Our staff at Sequoia Dental believes our patients deserve immediate crown placement to restore their beautiful smiles and improve the function of teeth. Make the switch to Sequoia Dental for compassionate dentistry that focuses more on your unique experience than our convenience.

Why the Wait?

Traditionally, crowns required a two-week wait for a laboratory to custom-manufacture the crown, deliver it to your dentist, and then schedule the second appointment for placement. In-house equipment has eliminated the need for patients to wait- so why are so many dentists still requiring their own patients to endure weeks or months of delay before the restoration? At Sequoia Dental, we are pleased to offer same day crowns in Visalia, eliminating the frustration that comes from endless waiting.

Crowns in a Single Visit

Many of our patients are too busy to schedule two separate appointments. If you fall into this category, you’ll significantly benefit from our commitment to providing same day crowns for Visalia residents. We’ve invested in innovative imaging and on-site technology that allows our staff to create your custom-fit crown the same day of your appointment, eliminating the need for temporary crowns, often associated with problems requiring emergency dental visits. You’ll experience all of the following advantages:

  • Aesthetically-superior tooth-colored crowns
  • High-technology accuracy
  • The convenience of a single visit
  • Innovative precision
  • Less interruption to your life

Walk-in, Walk-out

Cad-cam technology has paved the way for many improvements in dentistry; top on the list for many patients- same day crowns in Visalia. Schedule a morning or afternoon appointment with our staff at Sequoia Dental, and you’ll walk out the same morning or afternoon with a beautiful smile that is every bit as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Best of all, there’s no need to return to our office for a follow-up visit since your permanent crown is designed to last decades.

Are You a Good Candidate?

If you have one or more teeth with chips, cracks, decay, or damage, schedule a consultation visit with our staff to determine the best course of action to repair and restore your teeth. If you’re a candidate for same day crowns in Visalia, we can complete the treatment right here in our office without the need for a referral to another facility. We have the knowledge, equipment, and skills necessary to create your custom crown on-site.

No Cost or Obligation Consultation

Sequoia Dental patients enjoy free second opinion visits and consultation appointments. Schedule a complimentary appointment by phone or through our website and let us assess your dental needs. With your beautiful smile at the heart of our recommendation, you’ll find our staff committed to providing professional advice and recommendations based on your best interest rather than ours. Call today for more information on no-wait, same day crowns in Visalia.

Same Day Crowns Visalia
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