Teeth Whitening Visalia

Teeth Whitening Visalia

If you’re like many patients at Sequoia Dental, you may be wondering about the safety of teeth whitening in Visalia. Our staff at Sequoia Dental encourages you to be cautious when considering any dental product also available as an over-the-counter purchase. Whitening should only be performed by a professional in a dental office setting to eliminate the risks of tooth and gum damage.

The Importance of Research

We recommend our patients who are thinking about whitening to schedule a complimentary consultation visit at Sequoia Dental to discuss your goals with our staff. With no obligation and no cost for a visit, you’ll walk away from the appointment with more knowledge about the benefits of whitening and which products to avoid.

Don’t Fall Into the OTC Trap

While it’s only natural that patients would want to save money on the cost of whitening services, OTC products are harmful and potentially damaging to teeth. You may save a few dollars on a whitening treatment or toothpaste, but in the long run, you could incur expensive dental costs of restorative care. Why risk losing tooth enamel with a store-bought product when Sequoia Dental offers safe, cost-effective whitening treatment?

How We Value New Patients

When you complete your first dental treatment at our practice, you’ll receive a free pro teeth whitening session valued at $500. Combine our free whitening with a complimentary consultation, and you’ll walk out of our office with a beautiful white smile you’ll love showing off- and results last for a long time compared with store-bought whiteners. See our ‘Specials’ section to learn more about how we can make quality dental care more affordable for you.

No-Interest Financing

You read that right- zero-interest payments on teeth whitening in Visalia. We accept all insurance plans; however, we understand that not all of our patients are card-carrying members of an insurance program, which is why we remain committed to providing financing for all of our patients. Learn more about payment options by calling our front desk staff with your questions.

Safe, Affordable Whitening at Sequoia Dental

Rest easy knowing our in-office and at-home products are entirely safe to whiten and brighten your smile. If you’re concerned about the ingredients in our whitening products or how they will affect your teeth, you can use your consultation visit as a time to inquire about our methods or ask for professional advice on which whitening product is right for your smile.

Quality Teeth Whitening in Visalia

Nite White offers predictable results at home with none of the hassles of out-dated take-home whitening products. Simply apply the gel directly to teeth in our prescribed custom-fitted tray, and your teeth will whiten while you sleep. Most patients experience a transformation with just three sessions; however, results vary from one individual to the next. Call Sequoia Dental to schedule an oral examination to determine the duration of whitening that’s right for you.

Teeth Whitening Visalia
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