When problems with your oral health force you to confront the possibility of tooth loss, it’s natural to feel sad, or even hopeless, about what your life will be like moving forward. 

That’s probably because you assume that when it comes to replacement teeth, nothing will ever be as good as the real thing.

That may have been true years ago when removable dentures were the only option for people with missing teeth. But thanks to advances in dentistry, there is a way to secure your future health and happiness with new teeth that are as close to natural teeth as you can get!

Enjoy the Life-Changing Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

While standard dentures can be a perfectly suitable option for many tooth loss patients, they’re not for everyone. Sure, removable dentures can allow people to have a complete smile again and regain some of the confidence they once had. They’re also an affordable solution. 

But nothing outperforms dental implants, and using them to secure your dentures can be a life-changing experience!

Your friends at Sequoia Dental Office want only the best for you, and that’s why we want you to know about three ways that our modern dental implants in Visalia, CA can improve your dentures!

And with artificial intelligence, it takes less number of visits and time to make dentures.

#1 – Better Performance

A dental implant is placed inside the jawbone and then attached to a restoration, acting as an artificial root for your new tooth. It fuses naturally to the jawbone, keeping it stimulated and strong, which will give you nearly the same bite power as natural teeth.

That means you won’t have to live with the kind of dentures your grandparents wore! You won’t have to limit your diet to soft, bland foods, take them out day after day to clean them, suffer from sore gums, or constantly worry about your teeth slipping around when you eat, speak, or laugh.

Your replacement teeth will perform the way teeth are supposed to, allowing you to eat the foods you love and smile confidently in any setting!

#2 – Better Health

When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath it will weaken more and more over time. If you relied on stand-alone restorations like crowns, bridges, or removable dentures, your jawbone would continue to deteriorate. 

But once dental implants are placed inside your jaw, they attach to the bone as you heal, giving it the stimulation it needs to remain strong and healthy. This can help you maintain better dental health overall, and if you still have some of your natural teeth, it can prevent further tooth loss down the road.

It’s also great for your total body health!

That’s because, with dental implants strengthening your dentures, you’ll be able to thoroughly chew a wide variety of healthy foods for better nutrition and digestion.

#3 – Better Quality of Life

With conventional dentures, life must inevitably change. 

From the dietary restrictions to the daily maintenance they require to the way you feel in social and professional situations, conventional dentures do come with a few drawbacks.

But when you combine dentures with dental implants, you’re able to maintain the quality of life you’re used to, eating delicious foods you love, engaging confidently with other people, preserving a youthful facial structure and appearance, and enjoying good oral and overall health!

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Again, dentures are still a great option for many tooth loss patients. And our modern technology allows us to create beautifully lifelike, comfortable replacement teeth you’ll be happy with.

But if removable dentures aren’t the ideal solution for your needs and goals, you can invest in your future health and happiness with dentures attached to dental implants that offer unmatched stability and longevity!

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