Protect Your Overall Health With Oral Surgery in Visalia

You may not realize it, but your oral health plays a big role in keeping the rest of your body healthy. If you have decayed or diseased teeth, you may need Visalia oral surgery. An oral surgical procedure will help you:

  • Stop the pain caused by your damaged tooth
  • Get your mouth healthy again
  • Eat comfortably again
  • Feel better and more relaxed
  • Avoid developing other health problems

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Dental Surgery Can Restore Your Smile

If you have a tooth that’s hurting, there’s no point in putting off the treatment you need. You’ve found a caring, competent, and compassionate dental team at Sequoia Dental Office. We’ve been helping our patients with their oral care needs for almost years, and we’d love to help you as well. You can rest assured your procedure will be performed with excellence from start to finish.

Two common oral surgery procedures include:

  • Teeth Extractions – This is one of the most common types of oral surgery that our dentists perform every day. We’ll always try to save your tooth if possible, as it is best to keep your natural teeth. However, diseased and damaged teeth can put your other teeth and gums at risk if they’re not repaired or removed. If removal is necessary, our experienced team will take care of it quickly and comfortably. You’ll also receive complete aftercare instructions to help make sure your healing period is as short and comfortable as possible.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal – For many people, these “third molars” come through without causing any problems. For others, however, wisdom teeth can become impacted and potentially damage your other teeth. In these cases, they need to be removed by one of our dentists to prevent the need for additional dental work.

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