Dentures can be a real lifesaver if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth. Unfortunately, they are far from perfect. Don’t let the downsides of dentures get you down! Implant dentures give you a feel and function that will remind you of natural teeth. 

To see if you’re a good candidate for dental implant dentures, call Sequoia Dental Office today at 559-608-3533 to schedule a consultation. It’s FREE! In the meantime, see some of the ways implants outperform conventional dentures:

  • No Movement, Even Without Adhesive – Since regular dentures are held in place only by suction, it’s no wonder dentures wearers often use adhesive to try to keep them in place. Still, they can slip and shift – often at the worst moments. When dentures are anchored to implants, they’ll stay put. No adhesive needed! 
  • Stronger Bite – The stable foundation implants provide for replacement teeth also gives you chewing power nearly equal to what you had before losing teeth. You’ll be able to eat anything you want, with no worries about dislodging dentures. 
  • No Special Care Needed – No special cleaning solutions or long soaks are needed to keep implant dentures clean. In many case, you just brush and floss as you always have. 
  • Keep Your Face Looking Fuller – Losing teeth means also losing their roots. This results in reduced bone density in your jaw, which can age your face before its time. Implants stimulate your jaw the same way that tooth roots do, keeping the bone strong and your face looking younger. 
  • Greater Comfort – When conventional dentures slip, the friction can cause sore spots. That’s not a problem with dental implant dentures. Most folks forget they are even wearing them!

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