In a few days, you’ll be gathering around the table with your family to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. 

Now, we understand that you won’t really be thinking about your oral health no more than you’ll be counting calories along with your blessings.

But as your trusted Visalia, CA dental team, it’s our job to help you maintain a healthy smile no matter the holiday, the occasion, or the season.

So today, we’re sharing this infographic that lists just a few of the culinary staples of our country’s beloved festival of feasting that can last several days after the Thanksgiving dishes have been cleared away.

While these particular snacks and side dishes do offer some nutritional benefits for your teeth, moderation is always encouraged when it comes to sugary and acidic foods, drinks, and desserts. 

And of course, it’s always smart to drink plenty of water and to keep up with your usual oral hygiene regimen!

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