Your Visalia, CA dentist wants to encourage you to start an essential daily habit to boost your dental health. 

It only adds about a minute to your oral hygiene routine, yet it’s helpful enough in keeping your mouth cleaner and healthier to make your dental checkups even easier. 

We’re talking about flossing!

Today is National Flossing Day, so with that in mind, we’re sharing this American Dental Association video as a quick reminder on the proper technique to get the most of our this oral care practice.

Studies show that more often than not, people tend to skip this step. But flossing between your teeth gets rid of food particles and debris that your toothbrush will miss. 

Flossing also gets below the gumline to prevent plaque building, making it a habit you’ll want to start now to lower your risk for gum disease and other issues.

Why wait until New Year’s Day to improve your health? Start now, and your smile will thank you!

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