If you’re like most parents, you’re especially looking forward to your kids opening at least one or two gifts under the tree later this month. As excited as you’ll be, none of those gifts are more important than the gift of building healthy oral hygiene habits for your kids.

The sooner your children establish good oral hygiene, the more likely they’ll be to keep up those habits in adulthood. That means they’ll enjoy many, many years of a confident smile they like to show and don’t feel embarrassed by. 

Here are a few oral hygiene tips for them:

  • Wipe the gums of your baby and start brushing their first tooth as soon as it comes in
  • Bring your little ones to your own checkups to help them get used to the dentist
  • Book their “happy visit” exams after their first tooth comes in
  • Let your kids see you brush and floss regularly
  • Brush their teeth twice daily and floss once daily
  • Make sure they drink plenty of water from the tap

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