In case you didn’t know, October is National Orthodontic Health Month. While most kids are looking forward to the upcoming Halloween holiday and all the candy it brings, adults are encouraged to take this time this month to think about the role that orthodontics plays in maintaining a healthy smile. 

At Sequoia Dental, we offer several types of orthodontic treatment that can straighten crooked smiles and help you:

  • Increase your confidence when mingling and socializing
  • Make better first impressions on the job
  • Maintain good oral hygiene easier
  • Boost your overall self-esteem

If you’re ready to do something about your misaligned teeth, call us today at 559-608-3533 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll lay out all your treatment options and help you decide which one is best for your smile. All new patients receive a $100 treatment credit to their account, plus you can save 15 percent on your treatment when you join our in-house membership plan.

Let Our Expert Team Straighten Your Smile

If you’re like many of our patients once were, you may have perfectly healthy teeth – except for the fact that they’re crooked and uneven. Let’s face it, if your teeth aren’t straight, you’re probably going to be reluctant to show off your best smile. You may even hide your smile behind your hand when out in public.

At Sequoia Dental, we understand. We know how difficult it can be to smile genuinely when your teeth are crooked. That’s why we provide several types of orthodontics that will straighten your smile and give you a boost of confidence. You can trust your smile to our team’s many years of experience. Dr. Miroslav has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years, helping a huge number of patients enjoy their best smiles ever over that time.

Enjoy a Beautiful Smile With Our Orthodontic Treatment

There are many types of orthodontic patients, so we offer you choices when it comes to straightening your teeth. Below are our orthodontic options you may be able to choose from:

  • Traditional Braces – Standard braces have been around for a long time because they work well in a variety of applications. There’s not a smile too crooked that braces won’t help. If you have a severe misalignment or bite, we will most likely recommend this option for your care.
  • Invisalign – Teens and adults alike rave about their Invisalign treatment. They love its clear plastic teeth aligners that are removable for eating, brushing, and special occasions. Plus, the aligners are discreet and barely noticeable by others. 
  • Clear Aligners – We offer clear aligner treatment that is similar to Invisalign and provides all the same benefits, but is less expensive. Many of our patients choose this option to save money on their orthodontic care.
  • Fastbraces® – This innovative orthodontic treatment uses special brackets and a heat-activated wire to move both the crowns of your teeth (the white part) and the roots at the same time. You could complete your treatment in months instead of years.
  • HealthyStart – This treatment program is designed to help young children reduce their orthodontic treatment time later in life or avoid braces altogether. Using custom appliances, we can address orthodontic issues and sleep-disordered breathing that many children suffer from.

Do the right thing for your smile – get the orthodontic treatment you need to feel confident. Call Sequoia Dental Office today at 559-608-3533 to schedule a free appointment, or make one online.