Single Tooth Replacement in Visalia Will Repair Your Smile

Adult tooth loss is a very real problem for many people in our community. The good news is that we offer single tooth replacement in Visalia, which restores the look and function of your smile. Patients at Sequoia Dental Office love that they are able to:

  • Eat comfortably – It’s imperative that you replace a missing adult tooth in order to chew the foods you love with ease.
  • Feel confident – You won’t have to worry about anyone noticing your missing tooth or feel embarrassed by the situation. Your smile will be whole!
  • Speak accurately – Speech is often affected by a missing tooth in your mouth. By replacing that tooth, you can get back to speaking with clarity and precision.
  • Protect the rest of the smile – A single missing tooth can cause the rest of your teeth to fall out of alignment and can actually lead to MORE lost teeth. Protect your smile by replacing your missing tooth.

Call 559-608-3533 right now to schedule a free consultation with our team. Dr. Vinh is a dental implant expert who can walk you through all of your restoration options before we ever begin treatment.

Opt for a Long-Term Solution That Actually Works

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to address dental issues, especially when there are multiple options to correct the problem. When it comes to tooth replacement, a dental implant is the best case scenario for almost every patient. A dental implant is best because:

  • It is a truly long-term solution. We won’t be replacing your dental implant anytime soon. Once it is surgically placed by Dr. Vinh, your bone will actually fuse with the implant to create a solid and secure connection.
  • It is a comfortable solution. Other tooth replacement options often feel unnatural in your mouth and can create dark lines along your gums that make you feel self-conscious. Dental implants look and feel like they came from your own body.
  • It is a natural solution. Nothing will work with your body as well as something that is fused to your bone like a titanium implant. It is very common for patients to forget which of their teeth has been replaced because the result looks and feels so completely natural.

Don’t waste any time wondering how to best replace your missing tooth. Call 559-608-3533 and schedule a free consultation to discuss single tooth replacement in Visalia. We can’t wait to help you find the solution you need. Or schedule online.