Our Urgent Dental Treatment Will Save Your Smile

When your smile is suffering as well as you’re in pain, you require a dental professional all set to take on the challenge of repairing your smile. That’s specifically what you’ll discover at Sequoia Dental Office. Our team is comprised of gifted, knowledgeable dentists and compassionate staff members that will offer you the very best dental experience possible.

When you’re in pain, you might be extra anxious than typical. If so, we can go at your pace and also address any type of questions you have concerning your dental treatment. We wish to make sure you’re as comfortable as feasible.

When you come in for your dental emergency, we’ll analyze you as well as recommend any kind of restorative or additional types of dental care to stop your discomfort and also get your smile back on course. Below are a couple of kinds of dental emergencies we commonly treat, along with actions you can take before you reach our office:

  • Toothache— Wash your mouth with lukewarm water, then use ice or a cold compress to your cheek to help reduce swelling and pain.
  • Cracked or Broken Tooth— Use ice to ease discomfort and also swelling, as well as bring any kind of broken pieces with you.
  • Knocked-Out Tooth— Recover the tooth by the crown (visible component in your smile), and also put it in a container of milk, saltwater, or saliva. Bring it to the office with you.
  • Lost Filling— Place a small amount of dental adhesive where the dental filling was as a short-term measure.
  • Soft-Tissue Injury— Use gauze or a moist tea bag to end any type of bleeding to your cheek, lips, gums, or tongue.
  • Loose Crown— Use dental adhesive or tooth paste to the inside of the crown, and attempt to put it back into place. Bring it with you if it will not remain in place.
  • Loose or Broken Dental Appliance— Dental wax or gauze can help keep any soft edges from aggravating your mouth.

When time is of the essence, visit an experienced emergency dentist in Dinuba, CA. Call Sequoia Dental Office now at 559-608-3533 for an appointment. You can also request an appointment online.