Everyone knows what a dental crown is.

What you might not know is how much they’ve changed in the last few years.

And why don’t you know?

Because you probably haven’t found a dentist who’s invested in the technology that has made getting a new dental crown an entirely different experience than you’re used to.

Your Visalia, CA dentist has, which is why restorative treatment isn’t the same stressful, time-consuming, uncomfortable process it used to be.

Here are three advantages of our same-day crowns:

#1 – Convenience

Most dentists have to drag out the process of creating a dental crown, scheduling multiple appointments to take measurements of your mouth that will be sent to an outside lab, fit you with a temporary restoration while you wait a couple weeks for your new crown, and then to finally place and adjust it until it fits properly.

Same-day crowns allow you to skip all that hassle so you don’t have to miss several days of work just to complete one treatment. Instead, you can walk out with a brand-new permanent crown in a single visit!

#2 – Comfort

You’re no doubt familiar with standard dental impressions. It’s an uncomfortable, gooey mess of a process, but it’s long been trusted as a precise method to design restorations and other oral devices.

Our technology doesn’t force you to endure all that, which is great news for those with a sensitive gag reflex. Instead, we use software to take digital impressions of your teeth to design your new crown while you sit back and relax in the dental chair. 

#3 – Speed

As if minimizing your time at the dentist’s office down to a single appointment and measuring your mouth without the gooey mess weren’t beneficial enough, you also get quick results for whatever dental problem you’re there to fix!

Imagine walking in with a broken or missing tooth and walking out with teeth that don’t hurt anymore and a bright smile that’s still intact? 

Same-day crowns make that possible, and not every dentist understands how important it is to invest in patient-friendly technology that values your comfort and your time.

But we do! Call Sequoia Dental Office in Visalia, CA today at 559-608-3533 to schedule an appointment to fix your smile fast! You can also online