If you’ve ever gotten a dental crown, you know the routine. You need to wear a temporary while you wait for a lab to make your restoration – a process that can take weeks. Then you return to your dentist to have the crown placed – and hope there are no issues that will require sending it back to the lab. But it doesn’t have to be that way! At Sequoia Dental Office you can get a same-day crown.

Many patients prefer same-day crowns and it’s no wonder given their advantages:

  • No Need for a Temporary – A temporary crown protects your tooth while you wait for your more permanent restoration. But it obviously won’t provide the same level of protection as your final crown. It’s possible a temporary could come loose or even fall out. 
  • Great Fit – Since we use digital technology to design and make your same-day crown, it will have a superior fit. It typically requires removal of less dental structure than a traditional crown. 
  • No Need for a Return Visit – Since you won’t need to come back to our Visalia, CA office to have your crown placed, you’ll save time and money. 
  • More Comfortable Process – If you’ve had dental impressions made, you probably aren’t a fan of the tray of goop that is inserted into your mouth to get the impressions. There’s no goop with our CEREC digital dental impressions. 

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